Hey there!, I'm Julian. I'm a software developer.

I've worked closely with project managers, designers, and fellow software developers to build the next generation of web-based applications leveraging both client-side and server-side rendered architectures. I enjoy writing clean code, adhering to best practices, and working in a collaborative environment. Feel free to reach out and discuss software engineering opportunities.

Previous projects I've worked on:

  • ADP - Time & Attendance application

    Collaborated in a team effort to rebuild the time and attendance feature using web components, enhancing performance and scalability.

  • TRX - Training Suspension Online Store

    Developed innovative and customer-centric features for the online store, driving increased user engagement, conversion rates, and overall revenue growth.

  • Hyatt Hotels - Online Booking service

    Enhanced web page accessibility, significantly improving user experience and usability by 30% for individuals with disabilities.

  • Vita Coco - Company site

    Ensured the website consistently displayed up-to-date products through regular maintenance, optimizing the customer experience, and driving engagement.

  • Sky Zone - Company site

    Implemented an optimized video embedding solution, resulting in a 40% reduction in page load times and significantly improved video playback performance, enhancing overall user experience.

  • Tax Guy Albert, Inc. - Company site

    Managed website creation and maintenance using WordPress, driving a remarkable 25% revenue growth.